Chode League has learned from an inside source that former MVP and massive chode Shaquille O’Neal reportedly called up Charles Barkley late last night with some exciting news.

“Chuck, you’ll never believe it. I’m up shooting around, just trying different things, when all of a sudden, I missed a free throw like I have never missed before.”

“The ball got pretty close and rolled around, but then it actually got stuck on the rim! I think if I keep tinkering with this, someday soon I’ll finally discover how to make a free throw.”

Charles Barkley reportedly told Shaq to go the hell to sleep after informing him that the successful free throw was actually invented by Dr. James Naismith over a hundred years ago.

“Genius is one percent inspiration, or in my case, three hundred and fifty percent perspiration.”

At press time, Shaq was seen asking if he could lower the rim “just for a second” so he could try something “totally awesome.”

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