EXCITING News from Chode League

Hey guys, as you know Chode League has never had a mandatory buy-in. And don’t worry, it still won’t.

However, we would like to get a pot going for league expenses:
        –    awards
        –    video production
        –    domain registration
        –    trying to obtain a Chode League media pass
        –    trying to hang out with Zach Lowe
        –    other surprises


This year, we’re offering three levels of participation. You’ve burned through your free agent money trying to acquire franchises, and now you can get some of that back while supporting the league you love and cherish.

    FREE.                     $200 to acquire free agents + franchises.

This is where you’re all at right now. The Oklahoma City Thunder have tried this model for years, scrimping and saving while trying to hold on to key James Hardens.

Props to you if you can actually pull this off.

    $10 donation.    $250 to acquire free agents + franchises. (25% increase)

Okay, losing isn’t cheap. You’re willing to pull out (most of the) the stops to achieve your goals. Welcome to the big boys’ table.

    $35 donation.    $400 to acquire free agents + franchises. (100% INCREASE)

For the eccentric billionaire in your life, the solution may just be going for broke. JaVale is calling.

So what will be happening with all these billions?
        –    50% of the pot will go to the league champion — the very chodiest team.
        –    25% of the pot will go to the runner up — the genius NBA champions.
        –    25% goes to all the kooky behind-the-scenes stuff we have planned for you this year.

Maybe we could pay off LeBron to ditch Cleveland again.

For now, I’ll be signing up at the Luxury Tax level. I’ll give you a couple updates on how much other owners are throwing in, so you can change your mind right up until October 12, 11:59 p.m. central, the final deadline if you want to go big this year.
We’ve had 80% buy-in before, so I know you guys are passionate. And if you’re seriously ready to chode around like we are, we hope you’ll put your money where your fat, short penis is you fuckers.


Hit us up now, before you forget dawg. ❤

snapshot (2)


snapshot (3)

Much love,

The Commissioner

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