Hey guys, as a league we put in $865 dollars into this lottery. I’m really excited to present the results. After the debacle of trying to film the first Chode League raffle…

I’ve decided you guys probably didn’t want to see me push paper around for fifteen minutes anyway.

So, here are the RESULTS:

NETS: Varley (8% chance)
MAVERICKS: Bokov (30% chance)
76ERS: Mahmoud (76% chance)
PISTONS: Balhoff (100% chance)
BUCKS: Dill (35% chance)
TIMBERWOLVES: Mouser (14% chance)
KINGS: Chan (19% chance)
JAZZ: Day (40% chance)
NUGGETS: Thompson (100% chance)
ROCKETS: Walsh (5% chance)
HAWKS: Chargois (5% chance)
LAKERS: Mendell (0.5% chance)

CONGRATULATIONS everyone and thank you for participating.

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