ANTHONY DAVIS ON GO-TO MOVE: “dunking, rebounding, blocking, stealing, shooting, and sometimes passing.”

If 22-year-old Anthony Davis has anything to say about it, the New Orleans Pelicans will be a force to reckon with this year.

In response to questions about his favored move on the court, a visibly sweaty Davis seemed unconcerned. “Yeah, I’ve been working on my steal-blocks, and also my shoot-dunks with the training staff the past couple of weeks. But I’m still young and have room to grow.”

Pictured: In one fell swoop, Anthony Davis shoots the ball, blocks his own shot, corrals the miss, and drives inside for the tomahawk jam (or occasional assist)!

“It’s tiring work, but the only way this shitty team will ever make the playoffs in the Western Conference is if I dribble-pass or lob-run this team right into the mix every night. It’s gonna be a grind you won’t wanna miss!” he continued, as his teammates stood around uselessly.

“Thankfully, I’ve got Alexis Ajinca here to help,” he added. “And shout out to my boy Luke Babbitt!!!”

The Pelicans are projected to win one game for every minute averaged by the young Davis in 2015-16.

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