Week 11 in Review

This is really something. Not only did Shaq come back. He crucified Chode League legend JaVale McGEE. But then on the third day, JaVale ROSE AGAIN in fulfillment of the Shaqtures.

Yes, yet another Shaqtin a Fool legend returns to us, transfigured in unspeakable glory.

-100 Enes KANTER The Bombard Cannon. Here’s an esoteric reference no one will recognize. Iran is basically Turkey right? Plz email me your offense.
-100 Walter TAVARES “Yeah, yes, grab it.” –my boy Kenny.
-100 Bismack BIYOMBO Stunning JaVale is worth a Shaqtin. By the way, has anyone noticed that JaVale is actually playing pretty well??
-100 JaVale McGEE Warm up, warm down.
-100 JaVale McGEE BACK TO BACK like I’m Jordan 94-95.
-25 O.J. MAYO Hates refs. Fined $25,000.
-15 Marcus MORRIS Shoving Paul George. Fined $15,000.
-10 Paul GEORGE Chesting Marcus Morris. Fined $10,000.
-40 Ty LAWSON You already know. Served first 2 of 3-game suspension.
-100 Philadelphia 76ERS Ugh, just ask Tim and Max. League CURSE

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