Weeks 12 and 13 in Review


Let’s get right to it. My website of choice that helps me complete these never mentioned the Barnes fine, but I relent. It definitely happened, and that means I accidentally won in Week 12. The tank is dying.

Week 12

-100 Anderson VAREJAO The TNT guys weren’t in rhythm, and neither were Varejao and James. But you really can get a lifetime pass if you look like Sideshow Bob.
-100 Lance THOMAS A nice guy who just thinks Duncan is the GOAT PF.
-100 Jason TERRY My version got a lot worse, too.
-100 Montrezl HARRELL “He has lost the will to live.”
-100 James HARDEN Bickerstaff is gonna die this year.
-20 Ty LAWSON Final DUI suspension. Served 3/3 games.
-35 Matt BARNES Condoning violence. Fined $35,000.
-100 Los Angeles CLIPPERS “Nah.” League CURSE

Week 13

-100 Kobe BRYANT Yes, Shaq is still pretty jealous, but even Byron Scott shook his head. Nah, it’s still a pretty weak Shaqtin entry. And yes Kenny, you can absolutely  get stripped by Dwight Howard.
-100 Cole ALDRICH 0 to 100 real fuckin slow.
-100 Marcus MORRIS Here’s the original, you’re welcome.
-100 Kent BAZEMORE (And one.)
-100 Kent BAZEMORE Twister Mister goes BACK-TO-BACK. OH MAN. But to be  fair, this is the greatest use of slow-motion this season.
-10 Kentavious CALDWELL-POPE Hating chairs. Fined $10,000.
-100 Los Angeles CLIPPERS “Nah.” League CURSE

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