In an effort to further transparency within Chode League, I have upheld my commitment to honor any article mailed to ChodeLeague@gmail.com — yes, that’s ChodeLeague@gmail.com!! — by posting it to our fine website.

Dear Dishonorable Commissioner,

I write to inform you that I wish to retroactively decline your invitation to become the second member of the Chode League Hall of Fame (not to my surprise, the first inductee was a straight white prep school male who recently purchased a home (no redlining or racial covenants must be really nice)).

I am sure my letter comes of little shock to you, given my repeated grievances around your fantasy basketball league’s incessant love affair–and later marriage–with whiteness. A league based on the pre-Jim Crow caricature of the black male as unintelligent–“a chode”–is surely a league that is embedded, symbolically and materially, in a type of whiteness so unpalatable that even I, a man who tries to tolerate your insouciance for basic humanity, can no longer stand.

To add salt to my wound, your league’s maltreatment of the Other strikes close to home. My given league name of Allie Hawks Akbar–a person of color has little agency in your high-stakes and rigged game–aligns well with the Orientalism of Donald Trump (must be sad night for you, by the way, but Ted Cruz isn’t a bad consolation prize).

There is a good chance that this letter–like most letters that critique your rule–will be censored; there is perhaps a greater chance that this letter will be hung up in your klan’s den as a badge of honor.  But, still, I encourage you to give up your remunerative position and return to the light.

God’s speed [sic],

R. Faruk

While I am only too happy to honor Mr. Faruk’s request to be removed from the Chode League Hall of Fame, this letter is just a wonderful bit of evidence that our good friend has never logged into Chode League at all. As such, I am only too proud to enshrine this very “badge of honor” as the second ever Chode League Hall of Fame Inductee, alongside our very own Albert and the Ensteins!

I, too, look to a day when fantasy owners will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their lineups. Alas, my only regret is that our own prodigal son seems woefully unable to do so.

Please join me in praying for our friend R. Faruk.

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