This Week in Chodiness: Week 1

Each week, Chode League will recap the top 3 chodiest performances according to this formula. A chodey player is not necessarily a bad player, but rather one that plays in a way that is ultimately detrimental to his team. Think along the lines of that guy in pickup who shoots a ton, talks a lot of smack, and plays no defense. For reference, top chodes last year were Dwight Howard, Markieff Morris, and Devin Booker.

#1 DeAndre Jordan, 10/27 @POR, 56 Chode Points

Field Goals- 2/7

Free Throws – 2/10

Personal Fouls – 5

Technical Fouls – 1


An obvious culprit of DeAndre’s chodiness on the Clippers’ season opener was his atrocious shooting: 29% from the field and 20% from the line, giving him 31 of his 56 chode points. Fouls were the other primary factor in his night of stupidity, with personal fouls gaining DJ 20 points, and his technical foul earning him an additional 20. The technical received was for pushing Mason “I’m The Good” Plumlee into some fans seated courtside, causing a scuffle to ensue promptly afterwards. DeAndre Jordan is an interesting player when it comes to rating his chodiness by Chodeleague’s metric; he is a prime example of an “All or Nothing” chode. If he misses free throws and/or gets into foul trouble, one can expect a highly chodey output like he had this week. However, he also runs the risk of stacking up vast amounts of blocks and rebounds, or making most of his dunks shots. His 12 rebounds were the only positive of the evening, as he finished the game with only 1 block, 6 points, and 0 assists or steals. All in all, a nearly perfect storm of chodiness for DJ, making his performance against the Blazers the chodiest of the week

#2 John Wall, 10/30 @MEM, 53 Chode Points

Field Goals – 8/19

Turnovers – 5

Personal Fouls – 4

Flagrant Fouls – 1

Technical Fouls – 1


Wall had a pretty solid performance against the Grizzlies (22 points, 13 assists, 1 steal, 1 block) aside from one key area: fouls. Wall fouled the cycle, notching both a flagrant and a technical foul. The technical was awarded for his retaliation against Kent Bazemore’s CHEAP AS HELL UNDERCUT ATTEMPT, which was justified given the dirtiness of Baze’s flagrant foul. Wall’s flagrant foul, which he received for hitting Vince Carter in the head on a layup attempt with 3:17 left in the fourth, was significantly more problematic. Not only was it an uncalled for hit, but it led to a 24-7 Memphis run to end the game. The flagrant earned Wall 30 chode points, and arguably was the galvanizing force behind the Grizzlies’ fourth quarter push to win the game.

#3 Kyle Lowry, 10/28 @CLE, 53 Chode Points

Field Goals – 5/16

Personal Fouls – 4

Technical Fouls – 1

Turnovers – 6


The stats above paint a pretty clear picture of Kyle Lowry’s paltry showing against the Cavs this week: 31% shooting to go along with 4 fouls, a tech, and 6 TOs. A major factor in his 53 chode points was his lack of positive stats to outweigh the negative. Lowry only had 4 assists and 2 rebounds, and he didn’t record a single block or steal. Any time your leading statistic is turnovers and your total fouls equals your total made shots, you’re going to have a chodey night.


Mike Schubert (@Schubes17) is an editor for Chode League and is the Suit half of “Suit & Nut.

Note: An earlier version of this article mistakenly mentioned Wall’s technical foul was for shoving Kent Bazemore, but that would be impossible since he plays for the Hawks. 

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